How it works

How it works

For Talents seeking job:

1. Create a Service Profile – sell your skills by making a portfolio of   your work examples, and setting your rates.Choose an industry sector and a profession from a wide range of job categories we offer.

2. Invite Friends – build up your network;Ask your friends to write testimonials or make recommendations of your service.

3. Create another service profiles – to increase your income streams

4. Search for Job – Send quote and proposals; answer the interview questions promptly; get the job; do a good work, get paid fast.

5. Ask your Peartron to rate and review – gradually build up your service history, and maintain an outstanding rating to get more work.Happy Rolling!


For Peartrons finding helpers:

1. Post a job – post your needs as full-time, part-time, one-time gig,interns, or even a trade.Rollingpear gives you maximum flexibility to fit your budget and needs.

2. Search for talents and invite talents for interviews – or simply sit back to wait for them to send you proposals.

3. Conduct the interview – screen the candidates to find the perfect fit.

4. Award the job to talent – maintain an outstanding rating as a Peartron, so that more talents will keep you on their radar as “Good employers to work for”.Make your dream happen.Happy Rolling!