How to Post a Job?

How to Post a Job?

How to Post a Job?

Step 1: Create a Peartron profile. 
 -- Tell us who you are - business name, industry, description, location, and/or contact info.


Step 2: Post a Job
-- Discover a solution to your problem through posting a job on Rollingpear..

1. Choose if it’s one time, or recurring.

2. Select the job type – intern, part-time, full-time, or volunteer work

3. Choose which job industry

4. Write a detailed job description including location to attract talents.

5. List the skill requirements, which serve as tags for a searchable post.

6. Enter the payment as a range or simple select “dependent on experience”

7. Upload photos (optional but recommended).


Step 3: Click "Post Job" button.
 -- The job will be sent to a RollingPear admin for review.  Once it’s approved, your job will be made available to the RollingPear community. You can start browsing and inviting talents to interview, or wait for talents to express interest and propose to your job.  Most of communication can be done through our messenger system. 


"It feels good to be a Peartron - solve your problems; work on your dream; create local jobs, help yourself, and help others. smileysmiley" Jessica, Los Angeles