Frequently asked questions


  • Why should I choose RollingPear?
    We are the only free job posting site that provides maximum flexibility to employers, who can hire helpers in all sorts of capacities: - full-time; part-time; one-time gig; intern, even bartering. Therefore, we create an ecosystem that encourages the abundant flow of exchanging talents, skills for fast pay.
  • Are there any upfront recruiting or contractual costs?
    No. RollingPear is not a recruiter, or a temp agency. Therefore, we do not charge you a deposit to get started, or do we charge you a percentage of transaction once a talent finds a job with a peartron. It's free to create a service profile as a talent seeking work. Also it's free to post a job as a Peartron seeking helps. RollingPear intends to create more jobs, and to build a vibrant ecosystem sustained by small business and skillful workers.
  • Can I create more than 1 service profile?
    Yes, we encourage you to do so. Unlike other job sites that specialize in 1 area, such as babysitting, or tutoring, RollingPear believes everybody needs to have several revenues stream to thrive in today's economy. You are Through our platform, you can create more than 1 service profile that have all different service profile name respectively. You can market yourself differently targeting different industries. We have a wide range of industry categories to choose from. You are all multi-faceted, RollingPear helps you get paid for selling different expertise you have.