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Long Beach , CA , 90840
I am a European Stylist-Personal Shopper and I specialize in people who are
in the Entertainment Industry or are trying to break in.

Q: Is your look unique? Are you searching for a new identity? At a crossroad?
Getting into show biz? Whether it is for business, or private, I can help you
achieve a personal style that will make you stand out from the rest. If you
are ready for a change, call me and let's get you up and running.

I am a former Model with a black belt in shopping. I know all the secrets, on
finding clothes for less. LA is a competitive town, and looks are everything,
especially in Show biz. Let me help you, look your best, even when you're
on a Budget. I'll show you how & where to shop, make your look unique
and authentic, or whatever your desired goal is.

I provide the following Services:

* Image-Consultant. Consultation - Evaluation - Advise.
* Personal Shopper. 2hrs.(minimum) Let's go shopping!
* Wardrobe Stylist. Let me choose your new look now.
* Closet Organizer. Is your closet a mess? I can help!

I'm available for Photographers & Designers to assist
on independent projects for a day rate.
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