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I am looking for a few couples that are getting married towards the end of this year/ begining of next year who are seeking a florist for their big day! I'm offering floral work in exchange for the opportunity to establish a portfolio and a few solid references. It does not have to be for a whole wedding, I'm open to doing single bouquets, garlands, ceremony pieces, any scope of floral work could really be helpful!

Please note that I am only offering my services complimentary, you will still be responsible to cover the costs of raw materials, flowers, and vases! In addition, I will also be asking for a flat $200 dollar fee to cover any travel or miscellaneous expenses for full scope weddings.

To be considered please include a photo of you and your fiance, a bit about your wedding details (venue, dress, budget), and what the overall vibe you are looking to create with your wedding.

This is a HUGE savings and a wonderful opportunity for you to receive quality work for your wedding!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!
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